BRX Experts

Kaizzad Capadia
Co-Founder and Director, K11 Fitness Academy
General Secretary, Strongman Federation of India
Board Member, World Strongman Federation
Director, 5 Fitness Club, Your Fitness Club chain of gyms

Executive Director of Neulife Nutrition
Editor in Chief of BattlereadyX
India's most revered strength training coach and fitness professional and educationist and a competitive bodybuilder himself, Kaizzad Capadia is a man who is a hard core, iron grit real fitness freak in the true sense. To him, Strength is religion and science is his holy treatise. He has trained and counselled countless celebrities, but he is not a man to take pride in that or in using it to gain fame. In his own words, he'd rather be known for what he does, than for whom he does it. Currently, besides his training and education work, he is also the official strength coach to the Indian Gymnastics squad being trained for the olympics, to Mumbai's very own American football team and also to the Rapid Action Force of the Mumbai police.

Pushkaraj S Shirke
Founder and Director, BattlereadyX
K11 Trained Fitness Consultant - Training, Nutrition & Strength Training and Conditioning
Creative Director - THE STRONGEST INDIAN
India's Leading Fitness Photographer
Author GET STRONG, GET LEAN and Project Battleready

An advertising creative director and writer, a film maker schooled in New York and a professional photographer with a passion for fitness and martial arts and the outdoor life, Pushkaraj is the driving force behind BRX. His personal blog is one of the most widely read blogs in India. Having been educated in fitness formally and having been behind the scenes in the media, his angst against the media poisoning the health of people is what drives him to run project battleready. He aims to educate as many people as he can about genuine fitness, food and lifestyle choices that can help them enhance their lives and live better, longer and more fulfilling lives. 
Zeeba Khan
Founder and Director of Marathon Z
Master Trainer and Senior Faculty at K11 Fitness Academy
Elite Marathon Runner, Strength Trainer and Ketogenic Diet AdvocateAn accomplished marathon runner, she is one of the first women in the country to stress on the necessity to strength train to improve your performance at marathon running - a sport usually seen as purely an endurance sport. Today, she juggles between teaching strength training at the academy and running marathons in India and across the world. 

Founder of CrossFitOM
Championship Swimmer and Crossfit Coach.
A natural born athlete driven by passion, Shivoham has excelled at every sport he has played. From being a champion swimmer in school and college to becoming India's first Crossfit icon. As a sportsman of grit and passion and as a man who is always willing to lean as much as he is willing to teach, Shivoham is truly a revolutionary athlete in the true sense.

Abhinav Malhotra
Founder of Ballistic Kettlebell Fitness Academy
India's first international kettlebell sport athlete
K11 Trained in personal training, training for special populations and sports nutrition, internationally schooled in kettlebell sport in Russia and USA and a certified Crossfit L1 coach, Abhinav is a personal training expert and guide par excellence. Founder of India's first kettlebell coaching academy and an expert on the subject, he is a priceless contributor to the Battleready X revolution.

Hanoze Hoshang Malesra
MBA, K11 Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Club Manager
An HR professional turned Fitness Professional. Yo-yoed between being a skinny kid to an obese teenager to again a skinny college boy to finally a fitness professional who used his knowledge to turn himself into a fit human being who Deadlifts 2 times his body weight and squats & bench presses 1.25 times the body weight and is still improving. Armed with personal experiences and scientific knowledge, he has a passion for Strength Training and a penchant for counselling clients requiring dire fatloss and muscle gain.

Alan Fernandes
MMA Team India Coach
Alan Fenandes is one of the pioneers of MMA and BJJ in India, from being India’s first ever MMA fighter to compete in International MMA [UK 2004] to being featured on the main event at Martial Combat Singapore against TUF famous Ray Elbe, Alan has been involved with all major developments of the sport of BJJ and MMA in India. Currently a purple belt and with 7 years of BJJ training under experts like Marcus Olivera, Pedro Schmall and Carlos Santos, Alan is also on the national board of the Jiu-Jitsu Association of India to Alan is a member of the worlds biggest body for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu [ IBJJF ] and was the COO of Super Fight League from 2013-2014. 

Daniel Isaac
Pioneer of MMA in India (National Commissioner 2014-15)
Daniel Isaac began promoting MMA in India in early 2000 with Tigers Gym. He travelled worldwide with his fighters to make a mark for Indian MMA fighters on the global circuit. In 2004 he helped register the AIMMAA [originally under the name of All India Kickboxing Council]. Daniel has been synonymous with all major developments of the sport of MMA in India till date.

Radhika Bhatia
Masters in Dietetics, ACE Certified Fitness Coach (ongoing)
Radhika Bhatia is a Freelance Nutritionist and Lifestyle 
Consultant. A Masters in Dietetics from Pune University Radhika spent 5+ years driving nutrition charter in Nestle and PepsiCo. Besides promoting clean eating and healthy lifestyle, Radhika is a competitive Fitness athlete and is currently pursuing her ACE Fitness Coach certification.

Jui Inamdar
Pilates Master Trainer, Strength Training Coach,
K11 Master Trainer and Sports Nutritionist.
Jui is a faculty member at the reputed K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences and a personal trainer, coach and consultant by profession. An Avid cyclist, adventure travel fanatic femme who loves partying as much as she loves training, loves Bollywood but only on the dance floor and loves dogs no matter where they are.

Other Contributors:

Siddharth SarpotdarKettlebell Sport
Meenal Sharma – Sports Nutrition Science
Lata Rajan – Exercise Science
Ashim Matthan – GUS and Power Training
Yashmeen Manak – Women’s Figure and Fitness
Jui Inamdar - Pilates and Strength Training
Nasir Masood - Crossfit
Janvi Chitalia – Clinical Nutrition and Dietary Sciences
Forza – Cycling and Endurance
Suneet Sebastian – Exercise Science
Mansi Ashta - Physio Therapy
Ali – Special Population Training and Injury Rehabilitation

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