There are 3 things that truly drive me - the truth, fitness and films.
And after a long long time, all of the three things have come together, all my passions have blended effortlessly together in a first of its kind journalistic venture - A No-bullshit Fitness Channel that is dedicated to develop and curate content that is scientific and factual.

My background in advertising, 8 years in the top advertising agencies in India, taught me many things - creativity, art, language, what works what does not, what do the masses respond to and what they shun, how media is paid to sell people 'news' and how 'convenient truths' are manufactured to sell stuff - but what it taught me most is how much I despise lies and deceitfulness and where is the line between artistic representation and blatant, harmful lies. And that no matter how small you are, if what you have is true and simple, it may not be a giant, but it will stand the test of time.

Fitness was something that i was always passionate about. For years i wasted my efforts reading fitness magazines and listening to media generated advice - a victim of the same media that i worked in. Only when i did actually get myself educated in fitness with a degree in sports nutrition and personal training and with the mentorship of Kaizzad Capadia - the true iron man of fitness sciences in India, did i learn how foolish i had been. What i also learnt is how ruthlessly the people are fooled by fraudsters and brands that are genuinely wanting to fool the people and sell them crap. I also learnt that in this gutter of lies, lie a few gems. A few people, a few brands, that have genuine concerns at their heart, but are misled themselves. They want to help people out in the pursuit of fitness, but they themselves have been misguided by their 'advisors'.

Film, is something i grew up on. It is what made me join advertising in the first place. It is what made me quit my job and travel to New York to learn film making. The magic of the audio visual medium taught me more of life than anything else apart from real experience did. That power which a good film has, nothing else does. And whether it is to educate or to entertain, or both, i still don't think there can be a more magical medium that film. And the advent of the internet has made it even better. A magical piece of film can now reach everyone effortlessly and stay with them for time.

These three things put together, are the flammable ingredients of a revolution.
And starting this 5th of July 2014, this revolution will begin.

BATTLEREADY X: The World's First No-Bullshit Fitness Channel.
A channel where genuine content and the truth is more important than the products out there.
A channel where the content is made first and sponsors are invited later.
A channel where truth is above all else, and real fitness is shared with all.
A channel that works on answering in 100% fact, the questions to which people seek answers.
A fitness channel that is truly for the people, by the people and of the people.

Pushkaraj S Shirke
Director, Battleready X 

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