Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gaining Strength: with a Push-Pull Training Routine Variation

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Back to training after a full recovery, my focus is gaining strength again. If it were not for my osteoporosis that causes joint and bone pain, I would have used the strict push-pull routine. But since I can't do that, I'm making basic adaptation to the routine to ensure that there is enough time for recovery so that my main compound lifts are not compromised. 

Basically what I'm doing is breaking down my 3 day push pull split into a 5 day split in which the major compound lifts are on a separate day and the bodybuilding/assistance workouts and lifts are on a separate day. I'm doing this on deadlifts and bench and not on the squat since I have just recovered from a knee injury and due to that my squats are not as heavy as usual. So I can do my assistance work on the same day as my squats and save a day for some cardio and abs. 

For those who dont know what the Standard Push Pull routine is, please google it. 

Pushkaraj S Shirke

Posts and valid queries from Facebook:

  • Omkar Jogdand Whats d scientific reason behind keeping chest just one day before shoulder + triceps day ? heavy chest wrkout not gonna affect recovery of ur shoulder and triceps?
  • Pushkaraj S Shirke The shoulder joint is used in all pushing movements. A heavy chest workout fatigues my shoulders. So continuing shoulders and tricpes on the same day would lead to a compromised ST workout. So I split it over to the next day as chest muscle fatigue does not carry over much (though it does carry over a bit especially on the tricep workout) to intervene with a good shoulder workout.

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