Monday, August 18, 2014

Supported BentOver Rows

Post Deadlift Back Day - supported rows, cable rows, pronated and supinated pull-ups, high rows and 'too lazy to bother with bicep curls'. :-p Ps: Supported rows with 130 lbs btw. Now a days I'm giving one whole day to my major lifts followed by one day of assistance work. Back to back. 6 days of workout. One day of rest. No running or treadmill or elliptical crap. #sunday #workout #back #rows #k11strong

sachitfitJeez one arm rows are the worst exercise ever! 🙈
credosian@sachitfit they are amazing assistance work. Especially when your hip hinge is compromised due to sciatica.
sachitfitYou don't really need assistance work when you're doing so many variations of rows
sachitfitPlus if you can deadlift, you can bent over row too...
credosian@sachitfit beta, till I totally recover, I sumo deadlift. I can't do bent over rows yet without pulling my sciatica. Therefore the supported rows. And btw, there's nothing wrong with supported rows despite being an inferior movement to deadlifts, bent over db rows and bent over barbell rows - in that order.
sachitfit@credosian why don't you put up a video of you doing them and I'll point out exactly why it's a pathetic exercise
credosian@sachitfit I don't go by opinion. I go by science. And supported rows have a good grounding in science. But do tell me your theory. I'd like to know.
sachitfitYou can work on your sciatica with basic posterior chain strengthening through functional unsupported and supported movements with your back squats, front squats, sumo deadlifts, step ups, lunges, box squats, pause squats, isolation work involving leg curls, reverse hypers would be great (try them - I'm pretty sure you can do them if you can BS 115kg).Supported rows (pronated on the incline bench - the actual supported rows unlike your one arm rows which you call supported rows - best concentration on the lats - disengaging your core as it's already involved in cable rows to an extent and core work happens with the big lifts as well)
sachitfitThere's no need to involve one arm rows as you're kidding yourself with those 130s. Even@officialkaigreene doesn't use such heavy weights in order to maintain a decent form on this stupid lift. Most of your ROM will be covered with trunk rotation. If you want to prove me wrong. Put up a video of you rowing 130s
sachitfitAnd trunk rotation ain't doing shit to either your lats or to help your hip hinge
sachitfitApart from the lifts... Stay flexible obviously. It will help 100%
sachitfitI've seen your posts. I follow you. You're strong and have a great knowledge base. But what I've learned in the past 4-5 years is to not go blindly with what some teach
credosian@sachitfit first thing - you are not supposed to do a trunk rotation in supported rows. People who do that re fools. This pic was shot not durin the workout but before it as I was adjusting the weights. Done wit bad form and technique, any workout is bad.
sachitfit@credosian my point exactly. It's hard to get good form on this lift + it doesn't really add much value even when you do have good form on it. It's not functional at all. Plus there are many other variations of rowing and lat work
bradcikanaLol@ "not functional".

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