Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Cellucor Supplement Stack Review: by Pushkaraj S Shirke

Cellucor is one of my fav brands from the world over. Recently launched in India via Neulife and I had an opportunity to seize the entire stack. So i decided to review these supps for those interested in trying out Cellucor or knowing more about the products that it has brought into the Indian Market.

The Cellucor Supps reviewed here are:
CELLUCOR C4 Preworkout
CELLUCOR ZMA (with Longjack for testosterone support)

Do let me know if you found this review helpful and if you would like me to help you out with such honest and unbiased reviews in the future.
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Pushkaraj S Shirke
K11 Trained Fitness Consultant
Director, Battleready X

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  1. I experimented with and without this supplement and really can tell a difference! At first its tingling effect bothered me, but I researched Kratom and knew it was okay so I kept drinking it.