Thursday, May 22, 2014

10 Fitness Tips that can Improve any Physique

Life hacking is something that truly amuses me - to find a way to do/learn something really fast, but in an effective way. Without losing out on the core essentials. And since I'm majorly against the 'get fit quick' and 'get rich quick' scams run in mainstream media, i took up the challenge of actually writing a genuine 'get fit quick' and a 'get rich quick' lifehacker guide consisting of only 10 points.

Jamie Oliver Food Revolution - Challenging the System for a good change.

Oliver, a celebrity chef and health campaigner in the UK, used a grassroots campaign in the US to curb obesity. In the first season, his efforts focused in Huntington, West Virginia, statistically one of the unhealthiest cities in the country. In an early trailer for the show, Oliver challenged a group of first grade schoolchildren to identify fruits and vegetables, and they are unable to do so. The show sort of rolled together the concepts from at least two of his previous TV series' campaigns in the UK:Jamie's Ministry of Food and Jamie's School Dinners.