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Getting a Lean Shred without any fat burners, pharmaceutical aids or steroids

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"March 2012 - at 9%body fat, I was 64 kgs. This pic was clicked then. Now I'm 4kgs higher in muscle mass without steroids and wayyyy stronger and loving it. By the time I shoot again this year, I intend to be 68 kgs of lean muscle. Training with @kaizzad is making a huge difference. Superhuman strength feels like nothing else ever!!! #superhuman #strength #strong #k11 #bodybuilding #fitness" 

This was achieved by heavy weight workouts alone, with a high protein high fat diet (ketogenic diet), natural diuretics and fat burners like caffine, green tea, chillies and spices.
In the final fifteen days i was doing HIIT cardio everyday morning and Heavy weight training every evening - 5 days a week.

At 9% body fat, my fat loss plateaued and did not go any lower. To drive my body fat any level below this would require pharmaceutical aids and fat burning supplements.
I will also be achieving that this year and showing the difference. 
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  • Do you mind throwing some light on fat burners and ayur slim pills and all in your blog
    Like how do they work (If they really do), what are the changes they make in our body, harmfull effects if any, and other such stuff??
    Like ·  · December 3 at 12:31pm near Mumbai
    • Project Battleready
    • Project Battleready fatburners are not a magic pill that will cause fat loss. i dont recommend them to beginners. and i suggest you only use them when you have reached around 12-15 % body fat or lower. i personally dont yuse them untill i reach 10% body fat - i use them just to lower my body fat from 10% to 7% - coz thats the toughest part. 
      Daily useage of fatburners has various effects of various people - some are absolutely fine with it, some get dizzy, some people like me, get episodes of depression and sleeplessness and so on. 
      unless you are using it for a purpose that makes reducing fat levels to the are minimum, i dont advice taking them.
- Pushkaraj S Shirke


  1. Men tend to be very conscious on their figure especially when they see other guys with better figure. In this concern, they tend to workout regularly and also take some supplements for faster results.

    1. so whats wrong with that? supplements do not replace food. they supplement food.