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Chapter 8. Losing Weight - FAT LOSS and WEIGHT LOSS compared.

How many of you know a skinny person who eat everything he/she wants but never puts on FAT?

How many of you know a person who put on FAT no matter how little he/she eats?

How many of you have tried out ineffective fad diets and fallen prey to'miracle cures' to lose weight and fat?

How many of you believe that you can reduce fat from just a particular region using spot specific exercises like abs?

How many to you want to not only lose weight and fat, but also have a lean and athletic build and not looke like a 'bodybuilder'?

The reason i'm asking all of these questions is because all of these questions are surrounded by myths, conventional wisdom and UTTER BULLSHIT.
But i will come to explaining them by the end of this chapter - just in case you don't understand them by yourself by the end of this chapter. Which i'm sure you will.


Weightloss is a multibillion dollar market and everybody has their hands in the cookie bowl. From footwear companies, to gyms to pharmaceuticals, to biscuits and foods to clothing lines, to lifestyle gurus and image experts. The extension of the WEIGHT LOSS paraphernalia is endless.
And though it is based in fitness, it has a lot to do with the way the media has projected as whats 'beautiful' and 'aesthetic'.

lets look at the difference in the perception of beauty among women (among women, not to be sexist but because women have been more subject to it that men in a perceivable manner) and accepted fat levels across time:

ample variations in whats percieve3d as 'BEAUTIFUL' just by terms of fat percentages right?

Now lets look at attributes that are beautiful irrespective of the era - fitness, the abilty to live your life to the fullest, compassion, intelligence, personality and kindness. Of these, only the first two have anything to do with your fat levels. And both of them require a decent or high amount of muscle mass and strength rather than just low fat levels. Let me get to clarifying that difference.


I bet you went like WHAAAAT - there's a difference? well, yes there is.
Weight loss can be attained by 3 ways - water loss, muscle loss and fat loss.

Losing water is ok. Though too much of it will dehydrate you and even kill you. And it will be back very soon. I personally can lose upto 2kgs of water within a day using only cardio and diuretics that make me pee every half an hour. but the very next day, i'm 2kgs up again.

Muscle Loss is what i dread. and any real fitness professional would dread. Because gaining muscle is tough. Muscle is the strength of your body. It is what makes you FIT and ABLE. It is what gives your body its musculo skeletal shape. Too much cardio and protein deficient nutrition makes you lose muscle mass adn that makes you weak and fragile. A good fat loss plan would never make you indulge in activities that lead to drastic muscle loss.

Fat Loss is the TRUE WEIGHT LOSS. This is the holy grail of fitness for aesthetics. When you lose body fat, the muscles can be seen and that's what makes your body look aesthetic. Everybody has abdominal muscles aka abs, but only when you lose the fat covering them, can they be seen.

Now - in terms of the difference, how visible is it? and what effect does it have?
As an experiment, being the sadomasochistic self-experimentative psycho i am, i put myself through a test.
And these are the results:

Phase 1: Getting fat:
First, i got myself really fat - not the kind that bodybuilders use in before after pictures - which is just gained weight with gained muscle mass underneath, but really fat. Really fat is when you get fat out of inactivity. For 8 months, I stopped gymming, started eating trash food, cut out activity and gained humongous weight and got lethargic. Actually, the lethargy became a habit and was dragging me down mentally and emotionally along with the physical laziness. I found being fat and lethargic to have an inertia of its own. So i can relate to people who are fat/unfit and how they feel about it. I literally had to will myself out of it.

Now with a low BMR, unfit cardiovascular state and atrophied muscle mass, i really had a challenge to get fit again.
And i decided to do it TWICE - once, the WEIGHTLOSS WAY. and the second time, the FAT LOSS WAY.

Phase 2: Chasing WEIGHTLOSS
I went about losing the flab - but the wrong way on purpose - with high cardio, many high rep sets of weight training and insane amount of endurance workouts like rowing for 3 hours and cycling for 1 hour everyday - combined with a crash diet which was low in protein as well as nutrients.
as evident in pic 2 - i lost all the weight, the full 8 kgs in 2 monbths - but i was weak, unshapely flat and almost pale. I had ruined my health literally with just a minor improvement in aesthetics.

Phase 3: Pursuing Quality Muscle Gain (strength)
The next 3 months i dedicated to getting as strong as i could - gaining back all the muscle mass lost by training in a proper manner now. I followed the K11 strength training protocol and piled on all 8 kgs again - but in more muscle mass than fat.
The K11 protocol : PUSH PULL ROUTINE
day 1:Quads Hams calves

day 2: Cardio
day 3: Back RearDelt Bicep
day 4: Cardio
day 6: Chest Shoulder Tricep
Day 7: REST

meal 1: protein shake
meal 2: 5 eggs + 2 rotis

meal 3: walnuts and almonds
meal 4: lunch: chicken and vegiies and rotis
meal 5: bhel and boiled eggs
meal 6: post workout shake with creatine
meal 7: dinner: meat/fish salad
meal 8: casein protein shake

I was now stronger than  before and my body had more quality muscle mass and shape. I was on a high protein diet with quality carbs at intervals and a good supplementation programme.

Phase 4: FATLOSS
I Changed nothing in my training protocol. It remained the same.
What people dont realise that adding higher reps or adding more cardio dosent really make a huge difference to the results - infact, too much of it creates reduction in muscle mass and therefore reduction in total strength and fitness levels. The only changes i made to attain my goal were in the diet i followed. I went on the ketogenic diet, added natural stimulant6s and natural fat burners and diuretics to my diet and within 2 months, i was there. Back at 64 kgs - but more shapely than ever before.

1. Fatloss > Weightloss in all scenarios - especially for developing a quality physique. Weightloss will lead to weakness and to a flat looking physique while fatloss will lead to a strong, robust and good, shapely looking physique.

2. Training for greater strength leads to higher resting BMR as compared to the temporary spike in BMR that cardio and high rep workouts create and therefore leads to more quality fat loss.

3. Fatloss is a function more of the diet than of the training regimen itself.


Recommended Bodyhack:
Simply eliminating sugars, rice and other high Glycemic index carbs from your diet and adding two protein shakes a day to your diet can result in visible fatloss within the first month itself.

the most effective diet for fat loss is the ketogenic diet. You can lose upto 6 kgs a month using purely the diet alone. But i would still recommend a good weight training programme along with it. 


Programmes that do not work optimally for fat loss and yet advertise shamelessly as weightloss and inchloss programmes:
ab maker machines
only tummy tucking or spot reduction programmes of any kind
power yoga and any form of yoga as a matter of fact
(most of these quack programme instructors are just natural ectomorphs and claim to have weight loss from yoga - the fact is the the weight loss you see in the initial months is just due to following a regimen for the first time in your life - it would work for any regimen - and then again, its weight loss most of the time and not fat loss. it returns back as easy as it went. )
dance and crap routines
highly cardiovasular workout regimens using only body weight workouts equating sweat with weight loss
steam and sauna and massage techniques
magic rings and magic pills (i have to mention these coz they exist!)

IN SHORT, simply weight train right and maintain your diet as a high protein diet and you will be saving yourself a lot of trouble of quack-hacking the fat-loss industry.

-Pushkaraj S Shirke

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-Pushkaraj S Shirke

Filmstars and Photoshop: Salman Khan

Filmstars and Photoshop: Salman Khan

image from mid-day

view full image

"Salman Khan's real physique Pre photoshop. Now wait an watch the posters when they release - fully photoshopped it will be. I don't blame him. It's how the industry works. My angst is against creating unrealistic expectations of fitness and aesthetics for the common man. My angst is against photoshopping people so much tht you can't even recognize them in person. My angst is against photoshop to such an extent that it totally distorts reality and then presenting that as 'reality'. 
 #film #bollywood #physique #fitness #photoshop #bodybuilding #projectbattleready "
and this, is post photoshop:

Motivate yourself to and through a fitness plan - Successfully.

How to motivate yourself to and through a fitness plan?

Most people want to work on their fitness levels - lose weight, gain muscle, get fit, gain endurance, develop stamina and so on. The most common goal obviously being the one to lose weight. And also the one most prone to what i call Laziness Inertia.
So, how do you work around that inertia to stay lazy and unfit and motivate yourself enough to take the first step towards a fitter you?
More importantly, how do you motivate yourself through that process once it's begun and avoid it from turning into just another kind of 'failed new year resolution'?

Here are a few things that have always worked for me and for the people I consult:

Define your purpose.
Every mission needs a purpose. You need to be sure of yours. Ask yourself why you want to bring about that change. List down the reasons. Are you tired of being overlooked because you are fat? List that down. Are you unable to go on treks because you are too weak? List that down. List down every goddamn reason you find that is driving you to change, and put up this list at a place you can read it every day.


Get the right support, advice and infrastructure.
Starting off the wrong way is one way guaranteed to kick you back. With more frustration than results. So when you do start, do it right. Join a proper gym with a personal trainer (atleast for the first 3 months - and make sure he/she is a proper certified trainer from a legitimate training institute) if possible. Get a nutrition consultation- It's cheaper than going to a doctor and in my opinion, way more important.

Put up your intentions on facebook or among friends.
When you keep your transformation goal a private one, you are more likely to fail it. Because you think 'who the hell knows - so what if I stop my routine - who cares'. This exact mindset back fires on you. When you go public and make your intentions public on Facebook or among friends you'll be surprised to see how many people support you and encourage you! This goes a long way in letting you know at every step that you are on the right track.

A very recent example of is is my Aussie pal 'mothpete' who went public on Facebook about his intentions to take reign of his life again - with regular status updates and results a mapping and pictures of his cheat diets whenever he did cheat, he made his own fitness goal a goal for all his friends to look forward to and talk about. I'm not at all surprised that people were happy to see him fit into his old clothes again on fb :-) I was too :-) (way to go mothy!)
PS: also, if you can, please get a workout buddy who shares the same goals as you. it makes staying on track a way lot easier. 

4. MOTIVATION: the worlds no.1 supplement

Make sure you stay motivated through multiple channels.
Your motivation is your inner fuel that drives you. Which is why you need to make sure it's always replenished. Thanks to the Internet and Facebook, you now have a million more options than just motivational posters and diary cards. Join online fitness communities that keep posting and talking to and about fitness goals and people similar to you. Try www.facebook.com/teamneulife
PS: It may be cheesy, but this works: make a pic of your 'fav and fittest' star your desktop/ phone wallpaper.
The more often you are reminded of where you want to get, the less likely you are to deviate from your plan.


Supplement your efforts.
If you can achieve X, proper supplementation allows you to achieve 2X AND avoid damage! And being able to see those results play a huge role in keeping you motivated.

NOTE: Now, don't get confused between steroids and supplements. Stay away from steroids at all costs. Please.

Get proper advice as to what supplements can help you and take them. Especially in third world countries like India, knowledge of supplements is extremely low. Which is why it becomes important that you take your knowledge and supplements from reliable and trusted sources only. You can try www.neulife.in For a free supplement consultation or call their free helpline on 1800 102 8444.


Know where and how you're headed.
Professional athletes and businesses track their performance on regular intervals. So should you. Why? Because it not only allows you to derive objective results of your workout, but also fuels and motivates your next one. In case the results are negative, you also immediately realise that something is not right and you can work on fixing that immediately. Crossfitters and Prossional strength Trainers do is all the time. Over time you can see your own performance graph grow and change with you. Trust me, it's a proud feeling.

Follow these 6 steps and your journey to whatever your fitness goal maybe will be a cake walk. yeah right! hell no it wont! it will still be a hard long road uphill - but yes, this will just make it a wee bit easier to stay on that road and not fall off the hill.

best of luck!

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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Can Osteoporosis be Reversed? YES it Can.

What?? you have osteoporosis? Stay away from workouts and heavy weights. Stop Martial arts. Dont do this and don't do that.
This seemed to be the common advice everywhere. BUT there was a way out. a radically different way.