Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fighting Heart Attacks without Surgery

a weird little strange life: Fighting Heart Attacks without Surgery:

My father is a chain smoker. Has diabetes. And is a top contender for a heart attack with triglyceride levels way above normal (290). Within 3 months, his stats were ALL NORMAL.
Instead of going the regular medical way, i went the bodybuilding way to counter it. And it worked beautifully.

Medical science is great. But when it comes to an understanding of body fat and nutrition, doctors unfortunately try to push their expertise even into a field where they truly have only 'conventional wisdom' to flaunt. So I try and steer clear of it and work on what I understand of the human body and how it functions.

Here's what I found works best to reduce high triglyderide levels (whether they have or do not have diabetes as well):1. Do Weight Training.
Don't just jog and walk like an old man (even if you are one) - hit the gym and train as heavy as you can. Push yourself to lift the heaviest weights you can and increase your body's resting BMR. This helps burn away the bad fats all through the day.
2. Change your diet to the ketogenic diet.
The building up of triglycerides can be attributed to high glycemic carbs - not to dietary fat as popularly propagated. So cut out the carbs from your diet and move to an all protein all fats diets. No white breads, breads, rice, potatoes, beans and lumpy veggies. Make meats and cheese your best friends.
3. Supplement your diet with the following food supplements:
a. ALA (alpha Lipoleic Acid) - this helps your body process glycogen/glucose better. Even if you are on ketosis, your body produces its own glycogen too - and ALA helps process it better.
600mg every morning.
b. FISH OIL - good fats help cut down bad fats - that's the most simple explanation i can give here.
2 capsules with every meal.
c. Yohimbe and L-Carnitine capsules every morning to boost the transportation of fat for energy production.
d. Needless to say, you will be having a minimum of 3 hydrolysed protein shakes a day - one every morning, 1 post workout and 1 pre workout (45 mins).

Before you go onto this routine, record your stats.
After 3 months, record them again or do it every month.
And share the reports with me.
I'd love to show the world how well it works.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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